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  • Unique & Innovative

    Unique & Innovative

    SchoolOnline takes a unique and innovative approach to teaching, that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master.

  • Backup for Schools

    Backup for Schools

    SchoolOnline doesn't intend to replace schools, but to be a backup for them and to help them in their educational mission.

  • Simple & Interactive

    Simple & Interactive

    SchoolOnline provides a simple and interactive way for learning, through providing easy and fun techniques for student that wants to review their school's subjects in an enjoyable way without reading their copybook.


Rank 1

Grace Baker

Eastwood High School
Troisième "EB9"
Score 21156 Pts
Rang 1
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Eastwood High School

Rank 2

John Allen

Monarch High School
Troisième "EB9"
Score 2100 Pts
Rang 2
Rank 3

Robert Mitchell

MLK High School
Troisième "EB9"
Score 1722 Pts
Rang 3
Rank 4

Cindy Oliver

Riverdale High School
Troisième "EB9"
Score 1205 Pts
Rang 4
Rank 5

Joyce Carter

Westview High School
Troisième "EB9"
Score 600 Pts
Rang 5


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